The Lost Awareness

Talking birds do you hear
Do you hear the panda
Brown velvet walking around
Do you understand the feathers

Black monkey you scream
You hear each other do you
Do you also listen to each other

Birds can you hear the screams
Do you just hear do you understand
Understanding like communication

Humans they scream they hear
Do they hear words
Do they listen
They translate words do they

Hey you proud peacock
You hear or are you just being
A proud blue pearl

Silent rhino are you silent
Or do I miss the words
Can you hear the screams of the humans
The screams of the monkeysBusy duck with green head
Do you talk to red head
Do you talk to sailing swan
Sailing swan do you look

Swan do you look at us
Do you hear us
Do you understand us
Fear in the air

Fear in the air you are gone
You feel the air
You understand the air
What happened to us

Ape man you understand
Do you hear the human
Do you feel the fear
The fear that saves you

What happened to us
We do not feel the fear
Yes we do we do not
Listen to our fear

Yvonne van Eijden, 2005