2017     Clifton Cultural Arts Center "“When a Memory Becomes a Sound" Cincinnati, OH USA                                                                                                  2015     Brazee Street Studios "Pop-Out-Painting Exhibition" Cincinnati, OH, USA
2014     The Carnegie Galleries "Clay Street Press: Cincinnati Portfolio I-IV" Cincinnati, OH, USA
2014     CCAC “Are We Seeing & Listening Clouded by Our Memory of the Past” -Group Show, Cincinnati, OH, USA
2014     Kennedy Height Art Center “Inspiration Show” Cincinnati, OH, USA
2013     CCAC “The Golden Ticket” Juried show including Aaron Betsky, Director, Cincinanti Art MuseumCincinnati, OH, USA
2013     Artisans Enterprise Center “The Human Face; A Revelation” Cincinnati, OH, USA
2013     Brooklyn Art Library “Sketchbook Project” New York, NY, USA
2012     Clay Street Press “The American Landscape”"Fotofocus" Cincinnati, OH, USA
2010     Group exhibition at Phyllis J. Weston Gallery “Gallery Selections for the Summer”  Cincinnati, OH, USA
2010     Exhibition at Carnegie Hall, Covington, KY, USA
2007     Phyllis J. Weston-Annie Bolling Gallery, Cincinnati, OH, USA
2007     Fundraiser, Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati, OH, USA
2006     Alice F. and Harris K. Weston Art Gallery, Cincinnati, OH, USA
2006     Hillel, Eternal Light, Cincinnati, OH, USA
2005     Northbrook Public Library, Chicago, IL, USA
2005     Art in the Zoo. Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden. OH, USA
2004     Eternal Light Competition, collaboration with Tony Becker, Spertus Museum, Chicago, IL, USA
2002     Art in the Grass, Cincinnati, OH, USA
2003     Peace Village, HILLEL, Cincinnati, OH, USA
2003     Suzanna Terrill Gallery, Cincinnati, OH, USA
1999     Season's Galleries, The Hague, The Netherlands
1997     Art Fair Miami, Florida USA
1997     Westenburg Gallery, Marfa, Texas, USA
1996     Salon International d'Art Cometmporain, Art Intercession, Strasbourg, France
1995     Zimmer Gallery, Iserlohn, Germany
1995     Westenburg Gallery, Great Barrington, MA, USA
1994     Vleeshal, Frans Hals Museum, Haarlem, Netherlands
1993     Gallery Witteveen, Amsterdam, Netherlands
1992     Sytsema Gallery, Baarn, Netherlands
1991     Gallery Ars Novum, Freiburg, Germany
1989     Gallery Sytsema, The Hague, Netherlands

Projects & Grants

Participating Artist/Curator
2016    CCAC "Temporal Existence” Cincinnati, OH, USA
2014     CCAC The Group of Five - Cincinnati Artists
2010     'Dennis Fest', Celebrating 30+ Years of the Work & Talent of Dennis Harrington
2005     Art in the Zoo
2004     Art in the Grass
2003     Art in the Grass
2002     Art in the Grass

1999     Art Projecct SAS Radisson Amsterdam Airport
1995     Benelux Merken Bureau ("Herzberg Building" International Patent Bureau) The Hague, The Netherlands
1994     Mural, Graafstal Optician, Wassenaar, The Netherlands
1990     Mural, Aloysius College, The Hague, The Netherlands

2005     Corporate grant "The Art in the Zoo" Show and catalog
2004     Corporate grant "The Art in the Grass" Show and catalog
2003     City of Cincinnati Grant for "The Art in the Grass" Show and catalog
1995     Corporate grant "The Art in the Zoo" Show and catalog
1994     Corporate grant "The Art in the Grass" Show and catalog
1993     City of Cincinnati grant for "The Art in the Grass" Show and catalog
1981     Material grant Vrije Academie, The Hague, The Netherlands
1980     Travel grant Three Schools of Art, Toronto, Canada

Panel Discussion and exhibition
2005     Panel Discussion & Exhibition "State of the Arts," Sinclair Office Gallery, Cincinnati, OH, USA. Guest speaker
Matt Distel, Assistant Curator, Contemporary Art Center.  Coordinatin Sponser: Linda A Shearer

Private and Public Collections
The Netherlands, Germany, and the USA